Thursday, October 26, 2017

BAYBAYINISTA.COM: Baybayin Is Everywhere!


That's our tagline for the new social networking site (SNS). But why Baybayinista? Well, Baybayin people are here to stay; they're here, there, or everywhere.

Baybayinistas promote Baybayin as a living script. We are a community. We are continuing the legacy of its inventors as heirs, users, advocates, artists, educators and innovators with a cultural identity. is a brand-building platform where Baybayin people can post their unique marks (mga tatak) and be recognized. Each Baybayinista has distinctive signatures or prints. We would like to use our own strokes or typefaces but we are indebted to the original pre-Filipino natives who created them. We are also thankful to the scribes during the Spanish period who preserved the script somehow through their vocabulary books.

So, today, we are calling your attention if you're a Baybayinista or simply a participant who is interested in spreading Baybayin script everywhere to beta test with us. Let's gather as a pioneering community establishing a network where we can be identified as brothers and sisters. Join us at Mabuhay!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Baybayin ABaKaDa - Pambata

The Abakada alphabet was a creation of Lope K. Santos for the Tagalog language. During the pre-Spanish period, the natives used the Baybayin script to write the Old Tagalog.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 Patimpalak is open to talented young Filipino writers and artists 21 years old and younger residing in their homeland, the Philippines.

The Competition begins on April 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM and ends on April 22, 2017 at 12:00 AM.

Contestant must join with his/her real Facebook account to become an eligible participant. Multiple and/or Dummy accounts are ineligible. Duplication of entry will disqualify you.
  • Add hashtags #SulongBaybayinAbril21 and #SBA21 to your online SBA21 story.

  • Join Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 Facebook Group

  • Write 500 words expressing your love for Baybayin, the pre-Filipino script. Story must be in Baybayin bigkas-Tagalog characters. 

  • Promote your SULONG BAYBAYIN STORY (Tagalog) by posting your ENTRY to your Facebook timeline. Don't forget to add OUR BADGE:

  • Together with your real name, age, address, and cellphone/mobile number, submit/message your SULONG BAYBAYIN STORY ENTRY plus link on your Facebook Timeline to Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 Facebook Group. Only ONE (1) Entry is allowed. Submission will be accepted and reviewed during the contest period.

On or about April 23, 2017, the Sponsor(s) will select potential winners from all valid entries received.

SBA21 Grand Winner will get 300 PHP in cash; 100 PHP for 2nd & 3rd placers.

Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 Movers Celebrate the 1117th anniversary of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription

Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 on Biteable.

Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 (SBA21) movers is celebrating the 1117th anniversary of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription (LCI), the oldest written document or artifact found in the Philippines.

Go to your facebook and join the Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 group for webinar, workshop, games, and other surprises. So what are you waiting for? Be an SBA21 Mover today!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Baybayin at Mga Guhit Ni Tim Liwanag

Lipad Sa Bagong Langit © Tim Liwanag

Lipad sa Bagong Langit (Fly to the New Heaven) is about two ducks soaring and moving forward. This is from my old sketchpad with its title and my signature [Liwanag] in Baybayin characters but now digitized for the Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 (SBA21) event.

Bayani © Tim Liwanag
Bayani (Hero) is a sketch based from the portrait of Dr. José Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

Matamis Na Nobyembre © Tim Liwanag

Matamis Na Nobyembre (Sweet November) is from the 2001 romantic drama film bearing the same English title starring Charlize Theron, aka Sara Deever. My Matamis Na Nobyembre typeface is a simplified Baybayin font style.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Buwan ng Baybayin (Abril) | Araw ng Baybayin - Abril 21, 2017

Ohoy! Mabuhay! Ang katutubong sulat po natin ay ating muling bibigyan ng parangal at pagpapahalaga ngayong buong Abril bilang Buwan ng Baybayin. At sa ika-21 ng Abril po naman ay kikilalanin natin ito na Araw ng Baybayin. Kaya inaanyayahan po namin kayong lahat na makilahok online sa pagdiriwang ngayong taong 2017 ng Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 (SBA21).

Salamat po at magandang araw!

#SBA21 #SulongBaybayinAbril21 #BuwanNgBaybayin

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hyphen for Baybayin Apostrophe

In 1886, Don Z. Villamarin used hyphens as apostrophes in Acisclo Vallin's grammar book Gramatica Traducida En Lengua Tagala De La Castellana.

Guillermo Tolentino, however, used hyphen as virama [vowel-killer] in his Baybayin writings.

Now, Baybayinistas seemed to be in need of another kudlit mark for these words: ako'y, ika'y, ito'y, tayo'y, minsa'y, nama'y, sana'y, ba't, atbp. So here's my proposal for that:

Get rid of that hyphen virama but let's hyphenate those apostrophes!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Abecedario Tagalog by Pedro Andres de Castro (1776)

Baybayin enthusiasts should read Baybayin: Ortograpiya at mga Tuntunin sa Pagsulat sa Wikang Tagalog ni Pedro Andres de Castro at Salin ni Elvin R. Ebreo with an open mind and benefit from the meticulous work on the evolution of Filipino orthography. This book also contains a very insightful introduction from Virgilio S. Almario; you'll definitely learn why Baybayin is the true name of the Filipino syllabary.

You can download the pdf book Baybayin: Ortograpiya at mga Tuntunin sa Pagsulat sa Wikang Tagalog here. Just click the link and enjoy the read.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Longest Tagalog Words, Longest Words in Baybayin

Longest Tagalog Words, Longest Words in Baybayin
By Tim Liwanag

Pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong, at 38 letters long, is my own entry to the longest Tagalog words. Or, you can use pinakanakakapagpapahugis-balisungsong (36 letters). You can translate it in English as "the most able to cause a conical shape."

How to use the word in a sentence:


Ang salitang 'pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong' ay nakalista na sa Guinness Book of World Records ngayon na pinakamahabang salitang Tagalog.

 The word 'pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong' is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest Tagalog word.

Here are my entries:

  • pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong (38 letters, 15 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpakorteng-balisungsong (36 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakanakakapagpapahugis-balisungsong (36 letters, 15 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpahugis-balisungsong (34 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakanakakapagpapabuntong-hininga (33 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpabuntong-hininga (31 letters, 13 syllables)

The latest longest Tagalog or Filipino word in a dictionary according to Welcome To The Facts page is pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin (32 letters, 14 syllables).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Baybayin and Filipino Brands

In 2015, illustrators Vincent Africa and Lloyd Zapanta recreated popular Filipino brands with Baybayin characters. Let me join them in their successful venture. Here's my own attempt at logo mock-ups:

Can you recognize or name each brand?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Baybayin Magazine: Panitik Silangan

Kristoffer Pasion shared his interest in Baybayin via his IndioHistorian blog. If you want to have a sample of a Baybayin newspaper or magazine, then take a good look at his copy of Panitik Silangan.

screenshot of Stanley Baldwin O. See's photo
Stanley Baldwin O. See

Find out more here:  

Scans of Panitik Silangan (1963 Baybayin magazine) 

A primer on Baybayin

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baybayku — Baybayin Haiku




: a Baybayin verse or poem with three (3) lines containing five (5), seven (7), and five (5) syllables