Thursday, January 19, 2017

Longest Tagalog Words, Longest Words in Baybayin

Longest Tagalog Words, Longest Words in Baybayin
By Tim Liwanag

Pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong, at 38 letters long, is my own entry to the longest Tagalog words. Or, you can use pinakanakakapagpapahugis-balisungsong (36 letters). You can translate it in English as "the most able to cause a conical shape."

How to use the word in a sentence:


Ang salitang 'pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong' ay nakalista na sa Guinness Book of World Records ngayon na pinakamahabang salitang Tagalog.

 The word 'pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong' is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest Tagalog word.

Here are my entries:

  • pinakanakakapagpapakorteng-balisungsong (38 letters, 15 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpakorteng-balisungsong (36 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakanakakapagpapahugis-balisungsong (36 letters, 15 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpahugis-balisungsong (34 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakanakakapagpapabuntong-hininga (33 letters, 14 syllables)
  • pinakamakakapagpabuntong-hininga (31 letters, 13 syllables)

The latest longest Tagalog or Filipino word in a dictionary according to Welcome To The Facts page is pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin (32 letters, 14 syllables).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Baybayin and Filipino Brands

In 2015, illustrators Vincent Africa and Lloyd Zapanta recreated popular Filipino brands with Baybayin characters. Let me join them in their successful venture. Here's my own attempt at logo mock-ups:

Can you recognize or name each brand?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Baybayin Magazine: Panitik Silangan

Kristoffer Pasion shared his interest in Baybayin via his IndioHistorian blog. If you want to have a sample of a Baybayin newspaper or magazine, then take a good look at his copy of Panitik Silangan.

screenshot of Stanley Baldwin O. See's photo
Stanley Baldwin O. See

Find out more here:  

Scans of Panitik Silangan (1963 Baybayin magazine) 

A primer on Baybayin

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baybayku — Baybayin Haiku




: a Baybayin verse or poem with three (3) lines containing five (5), seven (7), and five (5) syllables