Thursday, October 26, 2017

BAYBAYINISTA.COM: Baybayin Is Everywhere!


That's our tagline for the new social networking site (SNS). But why Baybayinista? Well, Baybayin people are here to stay; they're here, there, or everywhere.

Baybayinistas promote Baybayin as a living script. We are a community. We are continuing the legacy of its inventors as heirs, users, advocates, artists, educators and innovators with a cultural identity. is a brand-building platform where Baybayin people can post their unique marks (mga tatak) and be recognized. Each Baybayinista has distinctive signatures or prints. We would like to use our own strokes or typefaces but we are indebted to the original pre-Filipino natives who created them. We are also thankful to the scribes during the Spanish period who preserved the script somehow through their vocabulary books.

So, today, we are calling your attention if you're a Baybayinista or simply a participant who is interested in spreading Baybayin script everywhere to beta test with us. Let's gather as a pioneering community establishing a network where we can be identified as brothers and sisters. Join us at Mabuhay!

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