Mabuhay! Welcome to Baybayin Foundry. We are dedicated to producing educational & quality historical art inspired by the pre-Philippines Script  — Baybayin. When we say "educational" we mean edifying. Why? Well, Filipinos have a precolonial writing system that even predates the birth of Christ.

Baybayin is our forefathers' legacy. It cannot be easily destroyed by any alteration whatsoever. Its typefaces, kudlits, and syllables live on!


Did you notice my blog header with the word "foundry" on it?

Actually, my blog banner here did not show the proper way the pre-Philippine forefathers utilized the antique Baybayin characters. It only showed a modern Baybayin usage. But if I'm going to apply strict ancient Baybayin then I must first syllabicate the term.

Obviously there are 2 syllables on the English word "foundry." Now, /foun•dry/ will still be a problem if I really want to use the old way. Even its French fonderie will not make it appear Baybayin. Hey, I'm not saying that it's time to dump the pre-Philippine script. What I would like to highlight here is that the ancient Baybayin writing is developing. Call it morpheme-based morphology.

So how should we baybayinize the word "foundry"? Still, the best way is to use its Tagalog translation, pandayan. You must, however, syllabicate it as /pa•da•ya/ if you really want to use the old writing system.

Try reading this:

It's /Ba•Ba•Yi/ /Pa•Da•Ya/ [transcribed as Baybayin Pandayan]. Don't misread as babai padaya or padaya sa babai. Ha!

Enjoy your Baybayin typeface of the day.

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